MPhil | Weekend residencies

The weekend residencies on the MPhil in Writing are the heart of the programme. A different kind of feedback from your regular one-to-one relationship with your supervisor, these intensive workshops give you the detailed practical responses of the other members of your cohort to your work as well as the available tutors.

You will receive a printed booklet of everyone’s work in advance. Each workshop is hosted by the supervisor of the person being workshopped, to ensure that acute and useful feedback is given in an atmosphere of trust, and in practical writerly terms.

Expect to learn as much about your own work from thoughts you find yourself offering to others as from what you hear said about your own.

Each residency includes a session with an editor, publisher or writer with insights into the publication business, and there is a reading (open to the public), usually from that invited guest.

For most research students on the MPhil in Writing, these residencies, which run from Friday lunchtimes through to the end of Saturday, are the landmarks of the working year, with a deadline and an audience of thinking writers waiting for the next instalment of your work.

Professor Philip Gross said: “For me, this is the tenth year I have been associated with the MPhil in Writing programme. In that time I have seen it produce a steady stream of published poets, novelists, short story and nonfiction writers, many of who keep their close contacts with the culture of the course. In recent years we have opened the route on through from MPhil to PhD, and our first doctorates were awarded last year. There will be more to come, and many books in print.”