MPhil in Writing student wins 2015 Manchester Poetry Prize

December 8, 2015

LUCY Ingrams, winner of the 2015 Manchester Poetry Prize declared herself “bamboozled” by the judges’ decision to award her the £10,000 first prize.

Lucy, who is studying for an MPhil in Writing at the University of South Wales, won for her poems 'So will there be apples?’, 'Signs’, 'A hearting space’, Siena’ and 'August Letter’.

Lucy is a recent winner in Magma’s annual poetry competition and has had her poems published in various magazines, including Ink, Sweat and Tears, Poetry Ireland, and Agenda.

Chair of the judges Adam O’Riordan, Senior Lecturer in the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “I would like to thank my fellow judges Kei Miller and Olivia Cole for all their hard work. We have been very lucky throughout this remarkable prize to attract judges of the highest calibre, poets not just distinguished in their own right but also committed to judging process, to the extensive and sometimes arduous amount of reading involves and the time and care called for the deliberation in choosing the eventual winner.

“This year we have an all-female shortlist, as well as a pleasingly international one, which we hope is a testament to the growing reach of the prize. The shortlist forms an intoxicating anthology. They are a rich and varied selection of voices and yet somehow they all seem to sit together so well with a wonderful organic sense of interconnectivity.

“The winning poems distinguished themselves by their care, their thoughtfulness and ambition.”

The competition is hosted by the Manchester Writing School in conjunction with the Manchester Literary Festival. James Draper, the Manager of the Manchester Writing School, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to support creative writing in this way and use celebratory occasions like this to draw attention to and celebrate exciting new work and find new voices.”

Phillip Gross, Professor of Creative Writing at USW, said: “We are used to working with emerging writers of great distinctiveness and individuality on the MPhil in Writing, so I’m not going to go in for comparisons.

“But I will say that from the very first sight of Lucy’s poems in the page, with the sound they leave resonating in your inner ear, I knew this was a special voice, one to value and nurture… not so much to teach as to help it become more and more boldly itself.

“It’s a delight to see her get the double recognition, in one weekend, of this top-rank prize and coming publication in the Poetry School’s Primers series. This is a voice the world of poetry will watch, and listen to.”

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