Research will show how universities can improve life chances of refugees in their areas

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Dr Mike Chick, USW’s Refugee Champion, and Dr Catherine Camps, Deputy Director of the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching, have been awarded an Advance HE Good Practice Grant to conduct research with graduates of USW’s Refugee Sanctuary Scheme.  

The research will seek to better understand how the scheme benefitted them and how their well-being can be transformed through opportunities to develop skills, gain qualifications and meet others.     

 "There is a paucity of literature evidencing the ways in which university action can improve the well-being and life chances of displaced people," said Dr Mike Chick.   

 "We believe that this project will give voice to those people whose lives have been changed by having the chance to gain the skills, qualifications and confidence that higher education study confers."   

The outcomes of this research will be available to all universities and government bodies who are interested in the ways in which universities can support the integration of migrants.